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This user-friendly online shipment software provides you with easy tools to track and manage your shipments.


We offer a free, value-added service for our customers called WORLD-TRAK. This user-friendly online shipment tracking software provides you with easy tools to track and manage your shipments.

World-Trak offers you private access to

Shipment entry & tracking: view all your shipments within the past 999 days. With real-time tracking, you can see current status, details, PODs, and after delivery transportation charges. With our software, auto email alert setup makes it extremely easy for customers to create and manage their shipments.

Maintain names and addresses: Receive full control over a private list of shipping and consignee addresses. Save them the first time and our software will remember it for next time (a great tool if you have common consignees).

POD Reports: Sort and view Proof Of Deliveries by date and service level. Copy and paste them for ease of use in email, word or spreadsheets.

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Sign up today and receive an instant automatic Proof of Delivery email on all your shipments. The moment a POD is recorded in our office, an email is instantly generated and sent directly to you. In fact, we can set up a total of 10 email addresses to receive delivery notifications on all your shipments. This format also allows you to easily “forward” the email to any parties that you want to inform that your shipment has been delivered.

For more information contact: admin@qafi.com or nationwide 1-800-237-6090

Each POD email includes

  • Shipment Date
  • Quality Air House Airway Bill
  • Shipper’s Name, Address, Reference Number(s)
  • Consignee’s Name and Address
  • Pieces and Weight
  • Name, Date and Time of person who signed for the shipment

For more information contact: admin@qafi.com or 414-294-3005